Piston O-rings, Gaskets Oil Seals HILTI TE800 AVR TE1000 AVR_01 (Old Model, First Generation) TE1500 AVR

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This is a new, unused HILTI set of O-Rings for the Pistons for the following models only:

HILTI TE 800 AVR, TE 1000 AVR_01 (2011 year model, Only First Generation TE1000), TE 1500 AVR

Machine lubrication is essential for all rotary hammer drills.
Power tool reliability and life expectancy rely on the right methods of lubrication, the right quantities and the appropriate application procedures. It is important to use the right type of oil and grease, which is best suited to the machinery’s optimal functioning and recommended by the manufacturer.

Piston O-rings require regular replacement to avoid oil leakage and to keep the machine in good condition. To make a quality maintenance fill new original HILTI oil and grease.


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