Original set of Pointed Chisel TE-YX SM 36 / Flat Chisel TE-YX FM 36 HILTI #2241983 #2241991

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This is a new, unused, Original set of HILTI SDS Max Pointed Chisel TE-YX SM 36 and Flat Chisel TE-YX FM 36 – 360 mm for the following models only:

HILTI TE 50, TE 50 AVR, TE 500 AVR, TE 56, TE 56 ATC, TE 60, TE 60 ATC, TE 60 ATC AVR, TE 60 AVR, TE 60-A36 ATC AVR, TE 60-22 Nuron, TE 76, TE 76 ATC, TE 76-P, TE 76-P ATC, TE 70, TE 70 ATC, 70 AVR, TE 70 ATC-AVR (03-04), TE 80 ATC AVR, TE 706, TE 706 AVR, TE 700 AVR

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