Original Carbon Brushes HILTI TE1 (Old Model) TE5 TE10 TM8 ST18 SR16 SU25 SD45 ST1800 ST2500 SD2500 #240275 #240612

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This is a new, unused, Genuine HILTI Carbon Brushes set (consists of 2 brushes with automatic switch-off) for the following models only:

HILTI TE 1 – only for First Generation, Old Model
HILTI ST 18, SR 16, SU 25, SD 45
HILTI ST 1800, ST 2500, SD 2500

Recommendation: Scratch off 0.3mm from the length of the brush and they are also suitable for models: TE 5, TE 10, TM 8

DIMENSIONS: W 5mm x H 8mm x L 15mm

IMPORTANT FOR BUYERS! Please check the measures of your carbon brushes before purchasing - width, height, at least, and cable type. This procedure is necessary in order to achieve complete certainty that it would fit your tool. Message me if you have doubts.

I do not recommend the usage of other versions of carbon brushes for these precise and expensive machines. Poor or low quality carbon brushes can cause strong sparking which may damage the commutator and lead to further serious issues. That is why it is essential to use genuine carbon brushes, the use of which does not only guarantee a longer period between replacements, but also a longer service life for the power tool.


If you are interested in purchasing more than a few sets do not hesitate to contact me for better deals. I have huge quantities of stock at my disposal. The quality is undisputedly genuine. Please send me your inquiry for special prices.

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