HILTI red light service reset, Electronic reset.

HILTI red light service reset, Electronic reset.

HILTI power tools have their electronics programmed with a service interval, which upon reaching the maximum service hours the red light turns on and the machine stops working.

Here you purchase a reset on the electronics service interval, removal of the red light, which will cause the machine to start working again.

We reset all model machines.

This repair is possible only for countries in Europe, due to transport & logistic reasons.

You have to ship us the entire machine (without the side handle) to an address, which we will provide to you. Upon receiving the device a professional technician will carry out the service in 1 business day. Afterwards we will ship you the machine to an address, which you will provide us.

Shipping costs are covered by you.

In some cases the carbon brushes would also have to be replaced. This is not included in the price of the electronic reset. If required we will contact you.

For inquiries you can reach out to us at office@xdrilled.com

Follow the link to place an order:


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